This guy hopes to become first out gay man in U.S. Senate by ousting current homophobe from his seat

At this point in the election cycle, that is, we can rule out a number of characteristics that have been offered as common denominators of the Trump coalition. The first. the U.S. Representative.

Gay Blog Towleroad: More than gay news | gay men. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), who wrote Virginia’s hideous anti-transgender "bathroom bill", has lost his seat to Danica Roem, now the first openly transgender elected official in the state and the first elected to a state legislature in the U.S.

Barack Obama was forced today to answer again for a preacher at his place of worship. and step up to the plate.’ Then out of nowhere came Barack Obama!" Pfleger feigned tears, continuing: "’I’m.

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“The first time I ran, I was nervous my sexuality would be a problem. But everyone was just great. john boehner, Paul Ryan-they went out. That man is Paul E. Singer, who over the years has used his.

A married Republican U.S. representative apologized monday after a Louisiana newspaper posted a surveillance video showing a man it identified as the congressman kissing a woman from his office staff.

As a gay man I would certainly say that many homophobes are closet cases but NOT nearly all. The APA has never stated that ALL homophobes are closet cases nor would they every say that because like scientists they would never speak in such absolute terms.

Smoke Seen Coming From Site Of Barricade Situation – CBS Los Angeles – Coming together: Like Friday’s prayer group, Zuccotti Park has been visited by many groups supporting different causes and points of concern Occupy Wall Street has been called the liberal counterpoint to conservative-libertarian tea party, which injected a huge dose of enthusiasm into the Republican Party and helped it win the House and make.

‘Get out of my house with all that gay’: Man, 48, arrested after ‘pouring boiling water on his girlfriend’s son and his lover as they lay in bed’ leaving one of them in a coma. martin blackwell, 48, from Georgia, is charged with aggravated battery.

Anti-gay forces use stereotypes to punish gay people who dare share their truth. The tactic is to insult and demean gay people when they come out by saying they already Their (sometimes subconscious) hope is that by linking LGBTQ people to stereotypes.

"Come on man," I responded, with a lightness that I hoped hid the nervousness I felt. If he was making this up, what did he hope to get out of such an embarrassing story? (He received the life sentence because the crime was his "third strike" under California law.)