Rig count falls in Texas, Colorado

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Among major oil- and gas-producing states, the overall rig count declined the most in Wyoming, which dropped by six rigs to 43. Oklahoma and Texas lost four rigs each, and Alaska, California and.

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Among major oil- and gas-producing states, Colorado. declined by two and Kansas and Texas were down one each. Wyoming, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Oklahoma and West Virginia all were unchanged.

In the past week, the national oil rig count fell by 6 to reach 770 while the number of gas rigs increased by 2 to reach 171. The number of rigs in Texas grew by one to reach 455 while Colorado’s count remained at 32 and the number of rigs in New Mexico slipped by 2 to reach 107.

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Pennsylvania dropped 6 rigs for the week to reach 35. The rig counts in Texas and Colorado both fell by 4 units to reach 446 and 28, respectively.

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