Minimalism, Motherhood, and How to Rediscover Green Living

How you can take a big bite out of the minimalism process in your home without signing away months to do it (or even weeks!) All about the online decluttering course that has transformed more than 10,000 mom lives across the globe! How to get your motherhood back and step into ABUNDANT LIFE!

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Why Mothers Need Minimalism. April 14, 2016. allie casazza. intentional living, motherhood, minimalism. When people think of minimalism, I think most of them picture one IKEA couch in the living room, cold white walls, no TV, no toys, and plants hanging by the kitchen sink. That’s not the point.

We need to rediscover. marriage of green business and clean tech, two arenas in which I’ve been toiling for a long time. They’re now coming together in some very existing ways and it gives me great.

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How do you go minimalist with kids? It’s not as hard as you think- and in this video I talk about my journey downsizing my children’s belongings, and why I did it- and HOW I did it! I take you.

. downsize that followed taught Jenna a lot about life and green living. She began documenting their journey and educating herself on green homes, alternative lifestyles and minimalism. After a year.

I’m a crunchy mom because I genuinely believe that we have strayed unbelievably far from God and nature’s intended way of living. Especially when it comes to babies. I also don’t like having a lot of stuff. I’m not a true minimalist by any stretch of the imagination, but it influences my decisions regularly. And, I’m thrifty.

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My mother thought it was adorable. High-end designers were doing minimalism, deconstruction, and decayed Victoriana. For midrange brands, meanwhile, logos became the whole look. However, most of.