Guy Finds Out What Happens When You Pour Liquid Nitrogen Directly Into The Ocean

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What does Liquid Nitrogen do to Your Face? But if you were to dip your hand into a bucket of it and pull it out within a second or two, which you would unless you want an injury, you would be fine. And anyone who says, "your hand will instanteously freeze and fall off" obviously has no hands on experience working with liquid nitrogen or any other cryogenic liquid.

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An anonymous reader writes: "I have been called upon to conduct some science workshops for children of various ages, and I’m looking for some good demos. In particular, I’ve found that demos are most effective at getting students to think when they give a surprising or unexpected result, such as the.

When the liquid nitrogen boils, the gas that’s made takes up a lot more space. The gas then mixes with the air, lowering the concentration of oxygen that’s available. Reduce it too much and we’re going to have problems. Air normally has 21% oxygen. The Lab’s ODH alarm will sound if it falls to 19.5%.

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Hurricanes form in part by warm water evaporating into a low pressure system. The warm water feeds the hurricane. What would happen if you filled several tankers with liquid nitrogen (or a liquid nitrogen/oxygen mix) and poured this liquid onto the ocean surface in the path of the hurricane. Two things as I see it.

If you ever though about playing golf on icy lake, then you should think twice.. This Is Why You Shouldn’t Play Golf On Ice.. Russia Guy Finds Out What Happens When You Pour Liquid Nitrogen Directly Into The Ocean.

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This Site Might Help You. RE: if you pour liquid nitrogen on your hand, does it slide off or freeze your hand? I was wondering because I heard about this a couple years ago in middle school. Does it burn your hand or just fall off? My teacher told me something about a theory that it takes time but if I try it with heat, it still hurts.