Drunkblogging Election Night

Election Night - SNL .everything government touches turns to.. This Youtube poster, has provided an awesome wealth of educational videos covering Obama’s role in the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, to the Catholic church’s stance, and to racial undertones of planned parenthood.

CNA – Surgical Unit in Colorado Springs, Colorado | Careers at PSF-PENROSE HOSPITAL Times of India brings the Latest News & Top Breaking headlines on Politics and Current Affairs in India & around the World, Sports, Business, Bollywood News and Entertainment, Science, technology. guy finds Out What Happens When You pour liquid nitrogen Directly Into The Ocean Or anywhere, for that matter.

Drunkblogging the First Democratic Debate: Part One. through since starting VodkaPundit in 2002, even more election cycles, endless debates, I’ll have the big wrap tomorrow night, following Debatin’ II: Electric Boogaloo. Moments from CNN’s coverage of a historic night on CNN when Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States..

2010 KWTP Candidates’ Pledges. 2010 KWTP Judicial Candidates’ Questions. There are only 5 qustions for the Judicial Candidates due to lack of time. We will include in our handouts on Wednesday night some more questions that our members might like to ask them. Vote Early due to the destruction of the Harris County voting machines in a fire.

Concert Review: Pogues at the Fillmore, October 23, 2007 Good evening to one and all. I guess it is only apropos to start off this blog’s (hopefully) long life with an homage to good Irish music, great Irish imbibitions, and the such.

Using Excel to Track the Vote 2016 Yesterday evening I followed the vote closely and carefully, using an Excel spreadsheet. I put all the states in a column on the left, then to the right, their electoral votes.

Colorado Marijuana Sales Hit a New Record High Colorado Marijuana Sales Hit a New Record High. Colorado dispensaries sold a record $114.3 million in recreational marijuana in March 2019. The previous record was set in August 2018.

(NOTE: This ran last night but we’ve redated it for today’s edition. until President Bush resuscitated it during last fallâs midterm election season and made it a mainstay of his public remarks.

Scientists identify 68-million-year-old triceratops fossil in Colorado Scientists say dinosaur fossils found in Colorado are those of a 68 million years old triceratops Several weeks ago, construction workers digging near a Denver, Colorado, retirement home made a startling discovery: dinosaur bones.

Educated minds drunkblogging election night 2018 national lacrosse league Last year, 2,884 people used QuoteWizard to compare auto insurance quotes in Fort Collins, CO from multiple companies to find the best rates.

One Night Only: Drunkblogging the. September.. To date, five congressmen from Texas have resigned instead of seeking re-election in 2020.