Ask Eartha: The science behind good gardening soil (column)

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Soil profile – A section of the soil that has been cut vertically to expose all its horizons, or layers. Soil structure – The arrangement of soil particles into clusters, called peds, of various shapes that resemble balls, blocks, columns, or plates. Soil texture – The relative proportions of sand, silt, and clay particles.

A good compost recipe includes three types of ingredients: dead plant material from the garden, including dry leaves, twigs and sticks. Household waste, including vegetable scraps, shredded newspaper, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. Don’t use meat, fat or dairy products or pet waste.

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Getting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels – contact with soil and a specific soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of serotonin in our brain according to research. Serotonin is a happy chemical, a natural anti-depressant and.

New vegetative growth from the tuber. A good mixture is two parts tropical plant potting soil, one part peat moss and one part perlite. When placing the tuber in the new pot, leave the top one third to one half exposed to the air. resume watering and fertilizing, increasing the frequency of waterings gradually as new leaves form.

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Help the students learn to use the soil triangle by giving them a hypothetical soil to classify. Ask, "How would you classify a soil that contains 20 percent clay, 70 percent silt , and 10 percent sand. Demonstrate on the projected copy of Master 2.5 how students would determine that this soil sample would fall into the silt loam classification.

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A new publication (EB-420) is available from University of Maryland Extension. Manure as a Natural Resource: Alternative Management Opportunities is written as an overview of some existing technologies. Many new ideas are proposed for the region, and understanding the science behind them is.

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