Angry McDonald’s worker hits co-worker in face with cheeseburger over

Angry McDonald’s worker hits co-worker in face with cheeseburger over slow work bloomington, Ind. – Tempers flared at a McDonald’s restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana, Tuesday when an employee.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A McDonald’s worker was charged with battery after police said he threw a cheeseburger at his co-worker. The cheeseburger incident occurred on Tuesday around 11 p.m. at a.

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 · How to Deal With Someone Yelling at You. Being yelled at is never a pleasant experience. When others direct their raised voices at you, it is normal to feel intimidated, frightened, and diminished in your ability to respond appropriately..

WATCH: MCDONALD’S CUSTOMER ARRESTED FOR THROWING HOT COFFEES IN WORKER’S FACE He then threw a cheeseburger at the young woman, hitting her in the face. The female employee told police she wanted to file a battery charge against her co-worker, who was given a summons to appear in court at a later date, Fox 59 reported.

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 · Free fries, burgers, and shakes might sound like a dream come true, but as anyone who has ever worked at a fast food restaurant knows, it’s no walk in.

But if that vision rests on paying fast-food workers an hour, it seems more a mirage than a likely reality. Fast-food workers have become the current face of a resurging labor. how do we square.

Video shows a McDonald’s manager yell at a customer after he asks for a refund. The owner of the Wisconsin franchise says they’re investigating the incident. FOX 6 When a refund request enraged a.